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Funny Car Links

  1. Miscellaneous Racing Pages...  

  2. Racers for Christ  Bringing Inspiration to the World of Motorsports... 

  3. The Drag Racing List  Every stat you ever wanted to know about drag racing drivers and cars, past & present.

  4. Classic Thunder Nostalgia Drag Racing  Nostalgia drag racing circuit featuring Gassers, Diggers, Altereds, Floppers, Super Stocks and great nostalgia sportsman classes.

  5. Computer Magic Online  The web host of 70s Funny Cars, Draglist.com, Classic Thunder, eDrags.com and other great drag racing sites!

  6. Jungle Pam Rides Again!  Drag racing's favorite back up girl presents dozens of photos and stories of her time with the sport's master showman, Jungle Jim Liberman.

  7. eDrags.com  Access to the best drag racing sites on the Internet, all in one place.

  8. Mike Goyda Drag Racing Memorabilia  The ultimate source for vintage hot rod and drag racing memorabilia... handouts, newspapers, magazines, etc, etc, etc. All originals; no reprints or reproductions. Plus, some of the coolest, most original graphics on the net.

  9. We Did it For Love  Outstanding photos of Top Fuel cars from the 60s and early 70s...  lot's of front motored nostalgia!

  10. Acceleration Archive  A snapshot of UK drag racing between 1973 and 1985. Awesome photos!

  11. American Nostalgia Racing Association  Current hotbed of nostalgic Top Fuel action!

  12. Horsepower Heaven  From Canada, a great site with a potpourri of current and nostalgia drag racing info and insights.

  13. Gasser Madness  If you remember the days before funny cars, when blown Willy's ruled the world, this is the site for you!

  14. Awful, Awful Fuel Altereds  If you like your nitro on short wheelbase cars with reputations for going every which way but straight, this is the page for you!!!

  15. Auto Imagery  An excellent source for all your drag racing photo needs, including 70s flopper shots!

  16. Drag Race Central  Summit Racings up-to-the-minute look at the goings on in NHRA and IHRA...  most timely information on the net!

  17. Clip Rods Nostalgia Clip Art  Here's a great place to get super nostalgia and drag race digital clipart! ClipRods is available for IBM and Mac formats and on CD. Check out the website or E-mail ClipRods@swbell.net for more info!

  18. Competition Plus  New Internet Drag Racing Magazine with Attitude...  Feature Cars, Nostalgia, Columns, Race Coverage and More... check it out!

  19. Gilchrist Drag Racing Photographs  Charles Gilchrist spent many years photographing race cars in Ohio (Thompson Drag Raceway, Dragway 42, Norwalk, etc) and has an impressive selection of photographs available from the 70s of T/F, F/C, AA/FAs, etc. A "must see" site!!!

  20. Whitelines Automotive Art  Whitelines, personalized automotive art, photography, and illustrations. Jim White will turn your old drag racing photos into art or an illustration. 

  21. Kenny Youngblood Studios  The top artist in drag racing has opened his own website. Check out Kenny's incredible graphic talents with his renderings of T/F cars, funny cars, etc., past and present. All brought to you by one of the folks who made the 70s the colorful era that it was...  

  22. California Independent Funny Car Association  The California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA) main objective is to provide affordable and safe funny car racing. The CIFCA consists of over 50 blown alcohol funny cars; these professional showmen compete for cash and points at regional races in the western United States and northern Mexico.

  23. Drag Racing Imagery  Drag racing photos from the late 60s to the late 80s. Need reference photos for models or just collecting? E mail Ted Pappacena for specific cars or drivers at Nitroblues@juno.com. His website has tons of great thumbnails of obscure nitro action from up New York/New Jersey way!!

  1. Ghost Tracks...  

  2. Lakeland International Raceway  Take a fascinating "then and now" tour Lakeland International Raceway near Memphis TN. Track operated from 1960-79 and hosted some of the top stars in the sport!

  3. Orange County International Raceway  A nostalgic look back at one of the most popular tracks of the 70s...  Orange County International Raceway (also know as OCIR) in SoCal.

  4. US 30 Dragway, Gary, IN  A then and now look back at the infamous US 30 Dragway in Gary, IN.

  1. Racer's Homepages...  

  2. Flyin Phil Elliott's 69 Nova  Noted drag racing journalist Phil Elliott is undertaking the building of a 70s Nova F/C combining the Ernie Duckett nitro Nova (possibly ex-Bobby Wood) body from the 70s, mated to a later style chassis. Check out his progress... 

  3. Southern Slingshots  Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the original Dragster.

  4. Nitro Funny Cars Reborn  Tiny Eglit is currently having a chassis built to mount a 71 Mustang Mach 1 body, formally the "BOSS HOSS" from Texas, the "Big Mike" Burkhart 69 Camaro shell and the "Bob Banning Dodge" 70 Challenger body on. With that he'll be able to run Mopar, Ford & Super Chevy meets. Talk about having all the bases covered! Check it out and keep up with his progress...  

  5. Hemi Hunter AA/FD  Ok, it's not a flopper, but it's a Chevy powered, front motored AA/FD that killed 'em in the northeast in the early 70s. Plus, it's coming back as a nostalgia FE dragster. Check 'em out...  

  6. Jr. Thompson's Homepage  Website dedicated to AA/Gas legend turned alcohol funny car racer Jr. Thompson.

  7. Outlaw Fuel Altereds  The Outlaw Fuel Altereds are a group of racers with blown alcohol and nitro altereds who race in the southwest. If you miss the good ole days of short wheelbase, front motor, open cockpit racing this page is a must!

  8. Hanna Motorsports  From nitro funny cars (with a T/F effort thrown in) in the 70s, to jet cars in the 80s and beyond, website traces the career of the Eastern Raider, Al Hanna!

  9. International Blown Alcohol Association (IBAA)  Nostalgia funny car racing from the great Northwest and Canada. More way cool nostalgia floppers...  

  10. Creasy Family Racing  70s funny car racers still mixing it up with the "big boys" on the NHRA circuit in the 90s.

  11. Blue Thunder Nitro F/C  Website by long time independent nitro F/C racer Jerry Caminito...  

  12. Sheer Hell Racing  After 7 years of hard work Mike Boisvert has restored one of the many ex-Blue Max Mustang IIs... and here it is running in the Midwest!

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