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Round 2: Featuring Barry Setzer Vega, Trojan Horse, Alabamian Vega, Moby Dick, Brand X Mustang, Therwhanger & Burkhart Vega, Detroit Tiger, Tim Kushi, S-W-C, Jerry Caminito, Bryan Raines, Jim Maybeck, and Diamond Jim Annin.

One of the most feared F/Cs of the early to mid-70s was the Ed Pink tuned Barry Setzer Vega driven initially by Kelly Brown, Don Schumacher for a short stint and later Pat Foster during the car's "killer" years. Always a threat, the car seemed to qualify well, was always in the hunt for low et and top speed of the meet, but wasn't usually around come finals time. First NHRA national event win came at the 73 Gatornationals although car did win coveted OCIR 5th Annual Manufacturers Funny Car Championship in 71, setting low ET along the way at 6.70 with Foster driving. Pictured blue version of the car (which debuted about the same time Jungle Jim switched from blue to red...  both changes thanks to Circus in NJ) replaced the more familiar red car in the mid-70s, was campaigned by Tommy Grove who dropped a Ford SOHC motor into the car in late 75! (Photo by Ted Pappacena)

The Doheny and Fullerton Trojan Horse was one of the prettiest...  and quickest F/Cs of 1972. Shown here at the 72 NHRA Summernationals, the car recorded a then-quickest 6.42/228 in the first round of eliminations. Fullerton became NHRA World Champion the same year by winning the World Finals at Amarillo. Fullerton started the decade wheeling the Galpin Ford SOHC powered Maverick, adopted the Trojan Horse name with a 71 Mustang. He continued to campaign the Trojan Horse line throughout the 70s, closed the decade with a "new generation" Mustang shell in 79. Rare Fullerton "Horses" include a short lived rear engined "Stang" in early 73, a Trojan Horse 2 campaigned by Dale Pulde in the early 70s and Fullerton wheeling M/Ts seldom seen "yellow" car as a stablemate to the "blue" and "red" cars as a Boss 429 test bed to the others SOHC powerplants in 69. (JW Last Photo)

Division 1 and 2 met in this 1974 edition of Billy Holt's "Alabamian" shoed by ex-Virginian driver Pee Wee Wallace. Alabamian name started on a red Vette F/C driven by Gary Fowler and Clayton Harris. Like most Vette bodied floppers of the period it was lost to an accident (finish line fire) in late 1970. Blue Vega followed driven by Wayne Mahaffey which was a regular on the Southern Match-Race circuit and in Division 2 competition. Other Alabamian efforts in the 70s included a multi-hued Vega, then a rear-engined Vega panel wagon (that was destroyed on its first outing), and this Satellite bodied car that ventured north and won the Div 1 F/C title in 1974. Wallace went on to shoe the "Black Stang" in 75 before returning to his "Virginian" roots in 76. (Photo from Kendall Handout courtesy of Jim White)

From the "land of ten thousand lakes" came Jerry Boldenow and the Moby Dick Corvette. This car was one of the first 'Vette bodied cars that appeared to overcome the "Corvette" jinx that had racers shying away from the seemingly aerodynamic body due to the "demolition derby" reputation that seemed to follow the breed (notable exception was So Cal's Gene Conway in the early 70s). Boldenow ran Top Fuel cars from 1964 through 1972, then return in 1976 with this flopper. Car was involved in what may have been history's first all Vette final round at the 77 IHRA Summernationals where Boldenow lost to McEwen's Vette 6.28 to 6.47. Ezra Boggs, who had been working with Bob Pickett on the US Marines car, bought the Vette in late 77, campaigned it through 84. He reports that T-shirt and hat sales supported the car during those years but the car finally needed updating and he was forced to retire due to a lack of corporate backing. (Photo courtesy of Don Ewald, some info courtesy of Ezra Boggs)

The Ramchargers powered Sien & Lankford Brand X Mustang was from San Antonio, Texas...  was preceded by a Hardy built Camaro effort that later went on to become the "Mexican Revolution" of Johnny Valdez. Journalist Jon Asher drove the pictured car for a 1972 series in Super Stock & Drag Illustrated magazine about licensing in a funny car. Following a couple shakedown passes, Asher managed a best of 8.09/183 at OCIR, then followed up at Gainesville with a best of 7.47/192... and a fire in the lights. At the end of 1973, rumored McDonalds sponsorship failed to materialize and the team retired. Cecil Lankford made a brief return in 75 with Brand X, confined activities to Texas. (JW Last Photo)

Chevy shoe Charlie Therwhanger is pictured in the 73 edition of Mike Burkhart's Hemi powered Vega. The season prior Therwhanger campaigned his own Chevy powered Hombre Vega after spending the 71 season and several seasons prior at the wheel of Burkhart owned Camaros. Therwhanger also did short stints in Kelly Chadwick's funny car and the King Camaro as well as MT's Grand AM. Therwhanger concentrated on match racing and booked in shows, had a reputation of making Bowtie powered floppers fly when most had made the switch to Hemi motivation. Therwhanger later retired and went on the manage Amarillo Dragway in the late 70s along with Lubbock, TX., funny car pilot (and ex-Texas Tech football star) Roger Freeman. (Photo courtesy of Don Eckert)

Poncho Rendon and Tom Prock's Detroit Tiger Monza makes a burnout before a late afternoon qualifying pass at the 1978 AHRA Winternationals at Tucson Dragway. Prock's resume included Al Bergler's "Motown Shaker" and several seasons at the wheel of Phil Castronovo's Custom Body cars while Rendon owned several Top Fuel cars and the "Desperado" 'Cuda F/C in 75 before they teamed on the Monza in 77. Monza was replaced by an Arrow in 79 which went on to become Al Segrini's first "Super Brut" flopper in 1980. (JW Last Photo)

Tim Kushi's "Yankee Sizzler" Monza evolved from the Flynn & Kushi "Yankee Peddler" Dodge Charger series of the early 70s and the "Damn Yankee" Challengers campaigned by Kushi solo through the mid-70s. Pictured 78 Monza version of the Sizzler was involved in a finish line collision with TV Tommy Ivo's Arrow at New England Dragway that destroyed both cars. According to Super Stock & Drag Illustrated magazine (March 79) that mishap firmed up Ivo's decision to race a jet dragster. Following the mishap, Kushi returned with a Plymouth Sapporo (AKA Dodge Challenger) in 1979. Kushi was a Div 1 "mainstay" throughout the 70s! (Photo courtesy of Dave Milcarek)

Transplants from the 60s Gasser wars and an original member of the F/C "Coke Cavalcade of Stars" circuit, the Stone, Woods & Cooke Swindler IV Mustang is pictured at OCIR in 73. By this early 70s effort all that remained of the original SW&C team was Tim Woods as Fred Stone had retired and Doug Cook had moved on to wrench for Big John Mazmanian's F/C. Kenny Safford shoed early SW&C efforts on the Coke circuit in late 60s, Dee Keaton did a short stint after. Pictured car was preceded by the popular "Tinkerbell" SW&C Pinto in 71 initially driven by "Mighty Mike" Van Sant, but later handled by Gary Scow. Van Sant returned to shoe the SW&C Swindler III Mustang entry which was destroyed in 72, then took over the reins of this car which was debuted at Lions Last Drag Race. Car later became Van Sant's first "Invader" Mustang. (Photo courtesy of Jim White)

Jerry Caminito came out of a 5 year retirement in 79 to field this Holeshot Arrow. The car was a beautiful example of the long line of Holeshot cars dating as far back as a flip-top Comet in the late 60s. Other efforts included a SOHC powered Holeshot Mustang in the early 70s. Caminito concentrated efforts mostly on the East Coast match race circuit, was one of the few independent flopper racers still campaigning in the 80s and 90s. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Caminito)

Low buck SoCal campaigner Bryan Raines rarely ventured "east"...  was photographed at the 78 Pro Winternationals at Beeline Dragway in Arizona where he qualified into the 16 car field, but went out in the 2nd round falling to John Collins "Audio Express" ex-Mongoose Duster. Raines campaigned various floppers throughout the 70s and into the early 80s, sometimes "solo" and sometimes with "teammates" but never seemed to appear with the same ride two seasons in a row. (JW Last Photo)

Jim Maybeck's patriotic "Screaming Eagle" Vega, circa 1972. Powered by a Donovan 417 rolling on a Lindblad Chassis, car's nose was noted for it's "Buy US Savings Bonds" spoiler and American flag painted grille. Always a Chevy man, Maybeck's previous efforts included the "Patriot" and "Screaming Eagle" Corvairs and a Chevy powered "Screaming Eagle" Camaro in 70-71. Cars were east coast divisional and match race regulars... pictured Vega showed up for sale in a May 73 issue of National Dragster; ad stated name could be acquired with car. Car was purchased by Greg Gorman who ran it under the "Screaming Eagle" name for two years before selling it to finance construction of a new "Screaming Eagle" Firebird BB/FC. (Photo from Maybeck Handout, 1972)

"Diamond Jim" Annin's sanitary Dodge Challenger, circa 1970. Mike Snively drove the Race Car Engineering chassised, Keith Black powered SoCal terror. Always in the hunt, car won 1970 Division 7 F/C crown. Car was sold at 71 Winternationals, pair returned with T/F car for 72 season, became first T/F car "officially" in the Fives the same year. Annin came to the asphalt from boats and his boat business kept the team close to home, precluded heavy match race or national event competition schedule. (Photo courtesy of Drag Racing Memories)

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