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Round 26: Featuring Larry Huff's Soapy Sales Dart, Larry Christopherson's Arizona Wildcat Vega, Mike Cyr's Skipper’s Fish & Chips Mustang, Nathan Valdez's Mustang, Chuck Finders' High Speed Monza, Ron Fassl's Elephant Hunter Mustang, Tom Anderson's Vega, Pat Brinegar's Arkansas Razorback Duster, Terry Capp's Wheeler Dealer Vega, and Mike Diedrich's Cuda.

Larry Huff's Soapy Sales

In 1974, this funny car was as state of the art as you could get. The Soapy Sales Dodge Dart featured full side windows, rear window louvers, a blower cover, a low stance, and Moon wheel covers on occasion. The car was owned by Larry Huff and tuned by Rick Guasco. Pat Foster drove the car at first, then was replaced with Richard Tharp (as pictured). Tharp drove the car to times of 6.20, 235 in 1975. The car was sold when Huff's legal problems mounted. Tharp won the NHRA Top Fuel World Championship the next year. Huff later returned with Guasco in the ‘90s to race a rebuilt Pure Hell AA/FA (Dave Milcarek photo; draglist.com info)

Larry Christopherson's Arizona Wildcat

Larry Christopherson's last funny car ride was this 1973 Chevrolet Vega called the Arizona Wildcat. He had previously driven his own ‘69 Nova, the leased Dickie Harrell ’71 Vega, the Christopherson & Efros "Up in Smoke" 1972 Vega, and the Arizona Wildcat AA/FA. This car was sponsored by Cobra Tire in 1973, but picked up the Arizona Wildcat name in 1974. It had all the latest go-fast parts to run times of 6.61, 225. Mike Hamby tuned the car. Christopherson retired from driving at the end of 1974. He hired Dale Pulde to drive a new 1975 Vega, but retired altogether by 1975. Hamby and Pulde later teamed up to build the War Eagle Trans Am. (Drag Racing Memories photo; draglist.com info)

Mike Cyr's Skipper's Fish & Chips Mustang

Mike Cyr had one of the first non-automotive sponsorships in funny car racing. The Skipper’s Fish & Chips restaurant chain sponsored Cyr’s Don Long built Mustang. The car featured a late model Hemi for power and ran best times of 6.52, 225 in 1973 before being sold in 1974. Before this car, Cyr had an A/FC Vega that he converted to full AA/FC status. Cyr later returned to race the former Green Elephant Vega by the end of the decade. He ran it under the Coast Crane & Equipment banner. (Skipper’s Fish & Chips handout from the Jim White collection, draglist.com info)

Nathan Valdez's Mustang

The Nathan Valdez Mustang was one of many Southern California match racers in the early ‘70s. Valdez had a 392 Chrysler for power in the space frame chassised car. The car was driven by Wendal Shipman, who had raced his own car, Shipman's Cuda, along with "Big John" Mazmanian’s Cuda. The Mustang ran low sevens by 1971. Valdez sold the car in early 1972 and it is believed to have become the Stone Free injected funny car. Valdez turned his attention to street rods afterwards. (Drag Racing Memories photo; info sources Bill Duke and draglist.com)

Thornburg & Finders High Speed Monza

A famed chassis builder and gasser driver, Chuck Finders was well known in drag racing before racing funny cars. From an Ohio base, Finders drove the Warlord Cuda, Nick Varough's Satellite, and the Rollins & Finders Cuda. He formed a partnership with Ken Thornburg on the High Speed Vega. The High Speed Monza (pictured) came next. The car was raced in NHRA Division III events and in match races. It was in this car that Finders suffered a terrible crash. He was racing at the PRO National Challenge held at Union Grove, Wisconsin. Chuck hit the guardrail, severely injuring his legs. Finders was out of racing for a couple of years, but returned to racing in 1980 in a Pro Comp AA/A. He has raced off and on for the last 25 years. Thornburg later owned the Centurion line of funny cars. (Gary Newgard photo; draglist.com info)

Ron Fassl's Elephant Hunter Mustang

Arizona-based funny car racer Ron Fassl raced this Mustang in 1970 and 1971. The car had an iron-block Chevrolet for power. Famed tuner Jim Pierce was Fassl’s partner and crewchief. By the end of 1971, the chassis and engine combination was outdated. The car’s low seven-second performances were no longer enough to win. The team built a new Mustang (which was damaged in a fire) in 1972 and a Cuda in 1973. Fassl retired from racing in 1974 and did not return for ten years. He is now a premier AA/FA pilot. Pierce teamed with Chris Lane on the Phoenix series of funny cars. Pierce then returned with Fassl for while in the ‘80s with a new line of Phoenix funny cars. (Drag Racing Memories photo; info sources Bill Duke and draglist.com)

Tom Anderson's first Vega

Tom Anderson began his funny car career in this low-riding Vega. The young racer was based out of Kansas at the time. Tom mainly raced this car on the local match race scene. A new Mustang II called the Wild Thing replaced the Vega. Anderson toured nationwide until 1984, running his own car and cars for owners such as Mike Kase, Jim Wemett, the Castronovo Bros., and Chuck Etchells. He retired from driving and became a famed funny car and Pro Mod tuner. Anderson now owns his own TA/FC with a hired driver. (Mike Crieder photo; draglist.com info)

The Arkansas Razorback Duster

This funny car was rare indeed -- one of the only funny cars to be based out of the state of Arkansas. Pat Brinegar bought the Hot Wheels Duster from Tom McEwen and had Russell Long shake the car down. Dale Pederson and Billy Grooms (pictured) also drove the car. Grooms later took the car to his Fulton, Tennessee home. Grooms won an 8-car show at Beech Bend in 1973 running a best of 6.87. The car was later sold. Grooms lost his life in the Super Duster in a crash at U.S. 30 the next year. (Drag Racing Memories photo; info sources Bruce Grooms and draglist.com)

Terry Capp's Wheeler Dealer Vega

Terry Capp is best remembered as a first class Top Fuel racer of the ‘70s. Capp followed the lead of fellow Division 6 racers Jerry Ruth, Hank Johnson, and Richard Rogers to field an AA/FC as well as a Top Fueler. The Canadian racer debuted this Vega in 1975. It was built by Al Swindahl and used a Keith Black hemi for power. Seen in match races for the most part, the Vega was not raced as much as his Top Fueler. According to Draglist files, Capp ran a decent 6.47 in the car in 1975. Capp raced the Wheeler Dealer Vega for two years and then replaced it with a Mustang II in 1977. Capp has raced in both fuel classes off and on for the past 25 years. (Bruce Biegler/Drag Race Canada photo; draglist.com info)

Mike Diedrich's Plymouth Cuda

Mike Diedrich had a short but memorable funny car career. In 1972, he purchased Jim Dunn's first funny car to join the West Coast funny car scene. Mike can be seen in Dunn's movie Funny Car Summer. On one of his early runs, "Super Mike" had a bad fire that was caught on film and photographed for many magazines. The car is shown bearing the scars of that fire in this shot. Diedrich retired by the end of 1972. (Drag Racing Memories photo; draglist.com info)

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