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70s Funny Cars - Round 10
70s Funny Cars - Round 11
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70s Funny Cars - Round 27
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70s Funny Cars - Round 32
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70s Funny Cars - Round 37
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70s Funny Cars - Round 39
70s Funny Cars - Round 40
70s Funny Cars - Round 41
70s Funny Cars - Round 42
70s Funny Cars - Round 43
70s Funny Cars - Round 44
70s Funny Cars - Round 45
70s Funny Cars - Round 46
70s Funny Cars - Round 47
70s Funny Cars - Round 48
70s Funny Cars - Round 49
70s Funny Cars - Round 50
70s Funny Cars - Round 51
70s Funny Cars - Round 52
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Dave Milcarek is one of the top notch photographers in drag racing...  has been since the mid-70s. Originally from So Cal, now transplanted to the east coast, Dave does most of his work these days at Atco and Englishtown in New Jersey. His work has been featured in such publications as Super Stock & Drag Illustrated... check his site out at www.davemilcarek.net

St Louis International Raceway photographer Don Eckert has opened up his vault and is selling photos of Funny Cars, Pro Stocks, T/F, alcohol cars, etc. Don has thousands of photos from well known cars to the totally obscure. Don also photographed for the AHRA at different venues in the 70s/80s, Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, etc. Don doesn't currently have e-mail, but can be reached at P.O. Box 25083, St Louis, Mo., 63125

Contact 70s photographer John Shanks for a copy of his catalog which contains descriptions of over one thousand photos he has available of 70s flopper, T/F cars, etc. John was a noted West Coast photographer whose work appeared in Drag Racing USA, etc. Also, if you've got old drag racing magazines, newspapers, rule books, etc., for sale, John is looking to buy!!! He can be contacted at 949-498-6413 or johneshanks@aol.com

Contact Steve Reyes to purchase a copy of his book "Fabulous Funny Cars" which chronicles the history of flopper racing in a pictorial format. Steve also has a Jungle Jim poster, Funny Cars of the 70s poster, Don Garlits fire burnouts (4 images on the poster) and soon to come Prudhomme vs. McEwen (collage) and a AA/FA action (collage). In addition, Steve offers the following book titles: Quarter Mile Chaos, Funny Car Fever, Slingshot Spectacular, Fuel Altered's Forever, and more recently, Blood Sweat and Nitro. He can be contacted at blrenterprise@cox.net

Photographer Charles Gilchrist's career spanned over 35 years and his site features a series of galleries picturing black and white Photographic Collectibles. During the early years of Gilchrist's photographic career (1968 thru 1976) he photographed race cars professionally, working mostly in Ohio (Thompson Dragway, Dragway 42, Norwalk, Quaker City, etc.) His site features an outstanding gallery of the photos he has for sale. Contact him at CharlesGilchrist.com.

Drag Racing Photos from the late 60s to the late 80s. Need reference photos for models or just collecting? E mail Ted Pappacena for specific cars or drivers at Nitroblues@juno.com. Also check out his website, DragRacingImagery.com -- lots of great thumbnails of obscure nitro cars from the era. Lots of great action from up New York/New Jersey way!

From SoCal comes Pat Smith and his collection of vintage Drag Racing photos. Pat's collection includes funny cars and dragsters from the area in the early 70s as well as Trans-Am, vintage and newer stock cars, IROC and newer drag racing photos. His website can be reached at Turbo's Racing Photos

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